What I do

Wendy Leigh Penfold


Counselling Psychologist   [B.Soc.Sci(Hons), M. Soc.Sci (Psych), UKZN]

As a Counselling Psychologist I work with children and teens facing a wide range of emotional, psychological and/or behavioural difficulties.


In addition to the required training received at the University of KwaZulu Natal, I have attended a number of external training courses dealing with a variety of issues relating to therapy with children. I draw from a number of techniques and methods (including expressive techniques) in order to adapt to the unique individual needs of the child.


Some examples of difficulties faced by children/teens:




Anger outbursts/Temper tantrums


Relationship difficulties

Difficulty making friends

Social withdrawal


Witnessing domestic violence


Familial conflict

Divorce/Step families

Diabetes/other chronic childhood illnesses

Loss of a parent/loved one

Sibling rivalry


Adjustment Difficulties e.g. birth of a sibling/moving to a new school


Self-esteem issues

Issues around identity & not fitting in

"Let's put our BIG feet in their LITTLE shoes."