Play Therapy for children

What is play therapy?


Children have a remarkable way of sharing their feelings, through something they know best...Playing.


Play therapy is not simply "play time" for the child. While children may claim to have "fun" in the playroom they also put a lot of effort into working through their difficulties. The play room provides a non-threatening space in which children feel comfortable to share some for their vulnerabilities.


In play therapy, I use a range of non-directive and directive techniques in order to assist the child with the therapeutic process. When determining the most appropriate therapeutic technique, the child's presenting problem is considered alongside their age, their personality, their maturity and their individual needs.


While at times children are able to talk freely about the things that are bothering them, they sometimes require a less direct method of communicating their feelings. Drawing, painting, clay work, sand tray and story telling are some of the techniques used to assist a child in play therapy.

After an emotional assessment has been done, play therapy may be the appropriate intervention. Play therapy is usually the therapeutic intervention of choice for children 4yrs-12yrs of age. This rule of thumb can however differ, depending on the child's level of development.


"Let's put our BIG feet in their LITTLE shoes."